Monday, December 24, 2012

Rabbit Hole tutorial (kind of) and Curve giveaway!

I've always wanted to do a tutorial, or a speed edit video, or something like that but I never know how. So I figured I'll just show screen captures of the process of editing my latest photo, Rabbit Hole! :D I use Photoshop CS5, by the way.

Joining in the holiday spirit, here is a curve that I use on almost all my photos. It gives an effect of depthless tones, kind of decrease the highlights while at the same time increasing the shadows. Or something like that. You can download it here.

1. First I expand the main photo by stitching a few photos of the ground and the trees. You can find tutorials on expanding a picture online.

2. Then I added some curves adjustment, creating balance between highlights and shadows.

3. I decided that I wanted the ground to be golden, so I painted some yellow and orange with brush tool on a layer, then set the blending mode to Overlay.

4. The ground was too orange, so I added some blue filter (Photo Filter).

5. I wanted the photo to have a more magical feel, so I decided to add a ray of light, with dust/sparkles/whatever you call it.

6. Then I created a new layer and used brush tool to paint some golden source light. I later toned down the opacity and painted over some details on layer mask.

You can see the final photo here.

p.s. Merry Christmas :D

Friday, December 14, 2012

happy birthday to me!

November 30th was my birthday. I celebrated alone, taking pictures with self-timer and trying to get the focus right because I lost my remote. My parents were at work, and my friends were busy preparing for their finals. Definitely not my best birthday.

Birthday wishes:
1. To travel around Indonesia. My country is very, very beautiful. Another thing that I took for granted. In the next 365 days I wish to travel to at least 3 islands.
2. Become a better photographer. Hopefully I can start working with models and learning artificial lighting and proper postprocessing.
3. Become a better person (of course duh)

4. Meet up with a photographer from flickr
5. Um.
6. Have a boyfriend.

Awesome people also born on Nov 30th: Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Jonathan Swift, Ben Stiller.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Carpe diem

I've been planning a series inspired by latin phrases. This one is inspired by the phrase "carpe diem" which means "seize the day". This series will also mark a change in my editing style, I guess. I've been trying out new things lately. Let see where I'll go with this.

It is 2 AM and I'm watching Shanghai Noon. I have school tomorrow, haven't done my homework yet, oh how wonderful photography is.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011



So this is my new blog. I will be writing stuff and posting pictures I don't post on my Flickr.

Let me know what you think. <3